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About Our Company

NVN Logistics

    NVN Logistics is a UK-based logistics company that offers time-critical courier and last mile delivery services for individuals as well as B2B and B2C companies.

    At NVN Logistics, we are on a mission to redefine the logistics sector like never before. We believe that the key to any business's success is in the way it handles two things: its customers and its logistical needs. And that is why we operate by smartly combining people and technology in the right mix. We take delivering your package very seriously, and stick to our commitment to you every single time. We constantly strive to improve our operations and thereby drive customer satisfaction.

Our Vision

To continuously expand our operations without compromising on the service quality that is offered to our customers, and also to improve the life of our employees with growth opportunities.

Our Core Values

Our team operates on some deeply ingrained values that enable us to deliver exceptional customer service and drive our corporate culture. The following are our core values: Exceptional Customer Service, Professionalism, Transparency, Integrity, Teamwork, Sustainability

Why Choose NVN Logistics

Super-Fast Order Placements
Electronic Confirmation
On-Time Delivery
Competitive Pricing